When you turn on a light or use an applicance at your home it's easy to take it for granted. We quickly forget about what the ease of electricity allows us to do.

However, we also forget about the dangers involved if we are using electricity from improperly installed wiring or wires that are faulty or frayed.

Many homeowners disregard certain, but necessary safety tips when dealing with electricity in their home. Below are some important safety items to remember:
• If you have Fuses in your Home or a Panel Box that is out dated, you should seriously consider replacing them with newer Circuit Breakers. Breakers are more reliable, and can trip quickly before a problem arises. A GFCI is an electronic device installed in the home that constantly monitors the amount of current flow, and turns off the electricity at the first sign of any electrical imbalance, before a very serious electrical shock can happen.

• GFCI Outlets and Breakers can protect you from prolonged electric shock by interrupting the current flow before someone is injured. They can be hard wired into your electrical panel for individual circuits. If you have them in your home at the present time, they should be tested every month for proper Electrical Safety Operation.

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